5 Best Skiing Destinations in North America

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Skiing is a competitive sport that’s been growing in popularity again amongst winter athletes.  Exciting for all of the best reasons, this sport gives you the cold rush of winter weather, and the heart-racing excitement of flying down mountains and hills, and making incredible and fun jumps.  Although it can be dangerous to some degree, what sport isn’t?

If you want to hit the snow and enjoy the best skiing, you can get in North America- where are the top places to check out!

Vail – Colorado, USA

This ski resort gets to brag about being the largest one in the United States.  On top of that, it’s also one of the most beautiful and beginner-friendly.  Inexpensive compared to the others on this list, this resort tries to make skiing more accessible to anyone who wants to enjoy the sport.  Another significant aspect is this is usually the least crowded resorts in Canada and will keep you entertained for days.

Alta – Utah, USA

This mountain is skiers-only, so you won’t have to compete with snowboarders or other winter sports for your space.  Instead, you can focus on remarkable steeps, ledges, and jumps, where you’ll be able to cut loose and enjoy yourself.  Historical and standing its place as the only US location that doesn’t allow snowboarders, there’s a lot of controversy about this resort- but it’s worth a visit!

Whistler – British Columbia, Canada

Buried in northern British Columbia, just an hour and a half north of Vancouver, this ski resort is most enthusiastic about skiing.  Gorgeous views surround you, tucked between national parks, and will take your breath away as you enjoy the slopes.  Whistler has the right mix of both beginner and professional level slopes, so those new to the sport can gain some experience before taking on more extreme jumps and slopes.   You’ll love the skiing here so much you’ll want to start shopping for real estate for sale in Whistler!

Banff – Alberta, Canada

This park is one of the most famous Canadian ski resorts.  Offering every kind of trail or lope you could want while giving you the best views on Earth.  By far, this city is the most attractive option on this list and is a must-go-to if you’re going to be blown away by nature.  Otherwise, you should be aware this is also one of the most expensive.  If you get the chance, you should check out Banff for skiing; you won’t want to leave!

Olympic Valley – California, USA

Although Canada isn’t what most people think of when considering skiing, this resort should be the top of your to-do list!  The host of the 1960 Winter Olympics, this slice of paradise is as historic as beautiful.  This ski resort is better tailored for those wanting to train on speed and control and should be considered for anyone wanting to get more serious about their skills.  The depth of history and beauty isn’t lost on anyone who visits the park; you’ll feel it deep in your chest and will keep carrying it with you even after you leave.

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