How To Get A Mortgage With A Poor Credit History

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Trying to achieve a mortgage when you have a poor credit history can be a challenge. However, it is not impossible.

Using this guide, you can best understand how to secure a mortgage deal when you have a poor credit rating.

Find the right loan companies 

There are various companies that will enable you to attain a mortgage, no matter your credit history. 

For example, looking into secured loan rates will guarantee that if you have a poor credit history, you will have a higher chance of being considered and accepted for a mortgage. 

Hence, ensure to use the right loan businesses to guarantee that your poor credit history will not interfere with getting a mortgage.

Have a great and topped-up savings account

A good savings account with a sufficient amount of savings is a great way to prove to the loan and mortgage companies that you are financially safe and trustworthy enough to attain a mortgage. 

You do not need enough in your savings account to pay your mortgage, but it is a good idea to have enough to pay your mortgage deposit to prove to the companies that you are able to provide the funds that they will need to get started with your mortgage process.

Have a bigger deposit to offer

Another smart way to attain a mortgage with a poor credit rating is to spend longer saving. Although it can feel tough to postpone your house move, it is a good idea to improve your ability to pay off a higher deposit if you wish to get a mortgage. 

Loan providers are mortgage dealers will guarantee to give you more consideration if you have a higher deposit to give them.

Seek support from a guarantor

if you know someone that can help cover you financially if something were to go wrong in your financial future then you can use them as a guarantor to help you achieve a mortgage.

Although you might want to achieve your mortgage alone and you might not feel that you want to ask someone for help, it might be necessary. Seeking support from a guarantor could be the only step that you can take in order to obtain a mortgage with your poor credit history.

Take time to get yourself into a better financial position

As well as taking time to save more for your deposit, it is also a good idea to take time to get yourself into a better financial position before you apply for a mortgage. This doesn’t mean that you completely need to flip your credit rating upside down, but improving it can certainly help.

For instance, if you can spend a year or two to improve your credit rating, then it will guarantee to help loan providers and mortgage dealers take more consideration into accepting your offer. Although postponing your move can be a difficult time, it is essential if you wish to achieve a mortgage deal in the future. 

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