9 Awesome UK Personal Finance Blogs to Maximise Your Cash

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Here on Mum’s Money Corner I am dedicated to helping all mums master their family finances, but of course, I’m still always learning myself! One way I stay on top of all the latest developments in making money, saving money and personal finance news is by following other money bloggers.

Here are 9 top UK personal finance blogs I recommend. Do you know any others? Share them with me in the comments – I’d love to know more!

Boost My Budget

Boost My Budget does what it says on the tin – it’s all about helping you boost your budget by finding ways to earn extra cash! Whether that’s a work from home job, an online business or some quick cash before the weekend, you’ll be able to increase your income in no time with the top tips here. In particular I recommend the free money section for ways to get free money just for doing sign up offers!

Save and Earn

Save and Earn is dedicated to making the most of your money whether that is by earning and making more of it, or by getting the best value for your cash, or simply being canny about your savings.

Fully Money

On Fully Money, savvy blogger Anjum shares a real passion for all things money related, whether that be money saving, money making, searching for the best deal or coming across a freebie deal. Her blog echoes this passion of mine and features articles where she shares her savvy tips.

Make Money Without a Job

Wouldn’t you love to make money without a job? There are plenty of ways how, and this blog is dedicated to sharing them! Discover loads of legit ways to make extra money from home.

Be Clever With Your Cash

On Be Clever With Your Cash, award-winning blogger and money geek Andy helps people make smart decisions with their spending and saving.

Finance for Women

This site aims to help women learn about finance, make more money and become confident investors. In the words of the founder, ‘Women are often hesitant to invest in anything other than their home. The goal of this blog is to convince women that it’s easier and more beneficial for them to start investing in real estate, stocks, and other investments.’

Binancially Inclined

Binancially Inclined is a personal finance blog where you can find budgeting, investing and side hustle ideas in an LGBTQIA+ safe space.

Extreme Frugal Living

Extreme Frugal Living is a blog dedicated to saving you money. The owner’s aim is to provide you with all the information and resources that you need for extreme frugal living in the UK.

Frugal Living UK

Another frugal living blog, because these days we need all the money saving tips we can get! This blog is aimed at helping everyone in the UK save money by living simply and frugally.

Do you have any other favourite personal finance blogs? Share them in the comments!

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